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Dennis Rodman Bum-Rushes a Pearl Jam Concert!

Photo by Andrew D. Bernstein/NBAE via Getty Images

Fresh off winning his sixth championship in 1998, the “Worm”, Dennis Rodman, bum-rushed a Pearl Jam show. A shirtless, drunk, and excited Rodman ran on the stage, hugged Eddie Vedder and drank wine with him! After Pearl Jam performed their hit song “Hail, Hail,” Eddie Vedder stated that the next song they were going to perform, which was “Alive”, was going to be dedicated to Dennis!

Towards the end of the performance, Rodman proceeded to put Eddie Vedder on his shoulders and jump up and down. The crowd went bananas. Eventually, they would kindly ask Rodman to leave the stage by saying, “Get the f*** off the stage.” Somehow, bassist Jeff Ament convinced Rodman to leave. As he was leaving, Pearl Jam played “Off He Goes” and gave Dennis a grand exit. What a crazy story from one of the NBA’s most entertaining players ever.

Here’s a thread from @Howsito discussing the events that took place during Rodman’s time with Pearl Jam!

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