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Rob Parker: “Steph Curry does not belong in the top 20 [players of all-time]!”

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‘The Odd Couple’ – Chris Broussard & Rob Parker reacted to ESPN’s ongoing Top 74 NBA Players of All Time rankings to commemorate the NBA’s 74 seasons. Parker had a lot of issues with ESPN ranking Steph Curry 13 on their list, ahead of players the likes Kevin Durant, Charles Barkley and Isiah Thomas.

“I think that these lists just become totally ridiculous. What’s the list where Kareem Abdul-Jabbar was the all-time leading scorer in the NBA? It’s all about prisoner of the moment, who do they have videotape of, who do the young people connect with. You need to get those names in there,” Parker said.

“Steph Curry does not belong in the top 20 [players of all-time]! His numbers about making big shots when it matters are bad. Also Steph Curry has never won a Finals MVP. His one championship you want to give him, that’s fine. But the two that came once Kevin Durant got there… They [media] want to push the narrative, they want to put the guy that they have more video and film more from today or around watching. That’s what it is about,” the journalist continued.

“Steph Curry connects to the crowd that’s out there now, so there’s no way that they not gonna put him in that list. Even they have him of Kevin Durant. It’s ridiculous! And Kareem Abdul-Jabbar’s if that’s doesn’t matter. That’s what it is. You can’t take any of this seriously, because it’s nonsense. This is all about playing to the audience, playing to the millennials, playing to the people on Twitter,” he added.

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