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NBPA denies formally polling NBA players on whether or not they want to try to resurrect season

The NBPA has refuted Adrian Wojnarowski's previous claims.

Via csga.ca

The National Basketball Players Association has denied polling or authorizing the polling of NBA players in what is a contradiction of a report coming from Adrian Wojnarowski earlier today.

The ESPN journalist tweeted the NBPA had started texting players with a view of finding out who wants to try to return to the court and who does not. But, according to Shams Charania, the union has rebuffed the claim.

“The NBPA is not engaging in and has not authorized any formal poll of its players,” they’re reported to have told The Athletic in a statement.

Their use of the word “formal,” though, still leaves room for speculation as it could mean that certain players did receive such texts, albeit not on a formal basis. Also, Jared Dudley of the Los Angeles Lakers seemingly encouraging players to vote “yes” appears to have given a bit of validation to Woj’s tweet.

“Safety obviously 1st! No where will be as safe as the NBA compound site they determine but, I Don’t think players know the effects of NOT playing does too next year,” the small forward wrote. “This is bigger then My team isnt in the playoffs so who cares! No playoffs, no tv money, NEW CBA next year!”

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