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Greek Basket League round-up (playoff semi-finals Game 2)

Game 2 for the Greek play-offs semi finals with Olympiacos getting an easy win against Panionios, and Panathinaikos meeting difficulties against PAOK. Read ful review of the games beow:

Panathinaikos- P.A.O.K. 83-77

Another tight game between the two, PAOK starting very good again, and with good shooting totals got ahead 15-18 at the end of the 1st quarter. Panathinaikos attempted to react but coach Markopoulos’ team did not panic, took their time to find open shots and as a result they got in the dressing rooms leading 31-37. It is worth to mention that despite the energy the players of the home team had defensively, they scored only 1 out of 13 shots behind the arc.

As most of the games, Panathinaikos tried to turn things around at the start of the 3rd period, they eventually got in front 53-45 but PAOK found the way to stay close and after 30 minutes the score was 56-53. Having put too much effort, the away team’s players ran out of energy, allowing  Panathinaikos to find the shots he needed to get the win.Diamantidis and Gist had 17 points while Cooper had 16 with 12 assists.

Olympiacos- Panionios 84-58

After their disappointing game two days ago, Panionios wanted to turn things around. As a result they performed an explosive beginning leading 0-7 and 4-11, but their good shape did not last more than 8 minutes, since at the end of the period, Olympiacos was already in front 28-21. With Perperoglou leading the way offensively, the “Reds” took total control of the game and at halftime they got a safe 47-33 lead.

Nothing really changed after the break, with Olympiacos remaining strong and Panionios not being able to find solutions in offense, or stop their opponent through defense. The score after 30 minutes was 66-43. The closing quarter was not really interesting since Panionios had totally given up, and Olympiacos had slowed down. Perperoglou had 16 points and Lojeski had 14 for the “Reds”, while Langford had 10 for the defeated side.

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