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LA Clippers owner to GF: Don’t bring black people to my games (links)

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Los Angeles Clippers owner Donald Sterling has been caught on audio tape saying that he doesn’t like his girlfriend posing publicly with black people and he doesn’t want her bringing them to any of his games.

TMZ Sports has leaked an upsetting piece of audio involving the Clippers owner seemingly having an argument with his girlfriend V. Stiviano over who she sees and asks her NOT to make her friendships with black people public.

The recording was made even more awkward and upsetting as Sterling was completely unaware that Stivano is herself half-African-American and half-Mexican.

Towards the end of the recording, Sterling, who completely disrespects Stiviano for the full nine minutes of their conversation seems to backtrack a little. Almost like he is aware of what he has said and calls for his girlfriend to just leave him alone.

Yahoo Sports’ Ball Don’t Lie blog is calling for NBA Commissioner Adam Silver to take action on this matter as Sterling has brought the NBA into disrepute, especially as the league welcomes players of all colours, religions and sexual orientation plus celebrates black history month and Martin Luther King Day.

WARNING: Audio contains upsetting comments – Audio link here

UPDATE [27/04/2014] By Natasha

Now celebrity website Deadspin has obtained AN EXTENDED version of this audio recording featuring Clippers owner Donald Sterling talking to his girlfriend V. Stiviano. This particular recording is much crisper than the audio obtained by TMZ yesterday.

This recording, which TalkBasket has listened to, is highlighted by Stiviano almost being forced to take all of her ‘black’ friends off her Instagram account, and Sterling continuously tells her not to bring black people to his games, despite Stiviano highlighting to him that most of the Los Angeles Clippers’ players are African-American [86 percent of the Clippers players are].

Sterling incredibly then states that “there is no racism here” stating that he was not in the wrong.

WARNING: Audio contains upsetting comments – Audio link here

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