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Greek Basket League round-up (week 18)

Another exciting week in the Greek Basket League, with Panathinaikos and Olympiacos continuing their winning streak. All games reviewed below.

K.A.O.Dramas- Ikaros Chalkidas 96-79

In the opening game of the 19th week in the Greek Basket League, KAOD outplayed Ikaros and remained 6th in the League Table. The away side good game lasted only one half, and mostly because of their intense start, as they took a small lead 18-22 after 10’. KAOD recovered but their opponent’s defence allowed them to hold on to their lead by the halftime, 38-39.

However, the second half totally belonged to the Dramians, who got in the court  determined to turn the tables. They had good choices offensively and used full press occasionally, giving a hard time to Ikaros and finally leading 71-57 after the passage of the 3rd period. The last 10 minutes could have been more interesting if Ikaros could follow their opponent’s pace, something that did not happen and KAOD got the win. MVP of the match was Jones who had 20. Gagaloudis scored 20 pts too, shining for the defeated side.

A.E.N.Kifissia- Ilissiakos 81-66

Kifissia had another great display at home, this time against Ilissiakos who landed to the bottom of the Table. AENK was supposed to have an easy day against their opponents who did their best to hold on to the game. They managed to do it only for 10 minutes with the score being 19-19. After that, the home team found their flow and the quality difference between them was clear. The half time ended with Kifissia in front 38-29.

Not many things changed during the second half of the game, with Kifissia playing as much as needed to hold on to their safe lead. Ilissiakos tried to turn things around but missed many crucial shots and the 4th period found them trailing 59-45. The closing quarter did not have much things to offer since the away team gave up since Kifissia started well and defended in zone marking, not allowing Ilissiakos to reduce the gap. Good game for coach Papatheodorou’s team who had Liakopoulos in good shape (17p.) and Tsaldaris with 14.

Panelefsiniakos- P.A.O.K. 56-79

Fourth win in the last 5 games for PAOK who managed to escape from Elefsina beating the lock team 56-79.Most important key of the match was the beginning of it, since PAOK dominated the court, defended well and took a 10 point lead (13-23) after 10 minutes of game. Panelefsiniakos recovered from the bad start and found his way to PAOK’s paint scoring some easy points. The halftime score was 32-37.

After the break PAOK was more focused, scored easy fastbreak points and ended the 3rd period leading 45-60. From then on both teams seemed tired, Panelefsiniakos did not start the final period strong enough to have a shot at the win, and the away side walked away winners.  Haralabidis had 19 points and was the MVP of the game.

A.O.Trikalon- Kolossos Rhodes 77-70

Trikala did not start well this season, but now they have recovered and after the win against Kolossos, they climb on the League Table avoiding the relegation zone. Kolossos started the game very well, had great offensive flow end ended the opening quarter, leading 17-24. As a result, the home side tightened up their defense and by the end of the half they were trailing by 2, 40-42.

But they did not stop there. They got the lead but Kolossos quickly responded ending the 3rd period in front 52-55. The game was very close until 2 minutes before the buzzer when Trikala had a small 4-0 lead that eventually game them the big win. Evans shined after scoring 16p. and grabbing 12 rebounds. Osby was the best player for Kolossos.

Panionios- Panathinaikos 64-69

Panionios did their best but Panathinaikos was more concentrated during the last period and got the win in a close game. Panionios played excellent defense right from the start, but could not find the way to the basket and the 1st period ended 10-10. The home team kept defending very well and found some offensive solutions mostly from McCollum. Wright stepped on the court to make his first appearance with Panathinaikos and the “Greens” soon found the much needed solutions against their opponent’s defence. 23-26 was the halftime score

Panathinaikos started the second half determined to establish his domination with a good run. And they achieved it since they got the score to 27-35 by the 25th minute. Panionios tried to stay close to the Greek Cup holders and the score after 30 minutes was 38-43. Panionios was not about to give up and having good shot totals stayed close to Panathinaikos until the end, But the away side held on to their lead and “sealed the deal” at the least minute of the game. Lasme had 14 while Wright had 9 for PAO, McCollum had 27 for Panionios. After the game, Panionios Chairman Ilias Lianos stated that he will quit Panionios, since he believes his team is wronged by the referees several times.

Olympiacos- A.G.O.Rethimno 105-64

AGOR stood no chance against Olympiacos who was serious at the first period, took a 30-19 lead after 10 minutes by playing quick- paced basketball. The away side could not follow them and they took advantage of it by closing the half in front 50-34.

AGOR had no pulse while Olympiacos kept playing well ensuring that their opponents would not close the gap. Once again good offensive flow and many easy points for the “Reds” who got a 22-point lead, 72-50, after 3 quarters. The last 10 minutes had no real interest and finally Olympiacos spent an easy night and now focuses on the Euroleague game against Fenerbache, this Friday.

Aris- Apollon Patron 67-75 (e.t.)

Apollon wanted the game more than Aris and finally escaped Nick Gallis Hall, after 45 minutes of play, as winners. The two teams were close to the score all along the game. The first quarter ended 17-18 with both teams moving the ball well. During the second quarter Aris tighten up their defense and had good shooting totals, managing to take the lead after 20 minutes, 36-35.

Apollon started the second half trying to control the rebounds and dominate the paint. However they could not find the way to the basket, allowing Aris to stay in front, even for one pint (52-51) at the end of the 3rd period. Athinaiou took a long three pointer attempting to beat the buzzer but he missed and led the game to extra time after an intense closing quarter. The away team was more patient and made the free throws during the laat minute in order to secure the win. Ross scored 20 for Apollon. Athinaiou with 19 points for Aris.

# Team MP W D L SF SA D P Last 5 matches
1 Panathinaikos 19 18 0 1 1479 1168 +311 37 WWWWW
2 Olympiakos Piraeus 19 17 0 2 1567 1217 +350 34 WWWWW
3 Panionios 19 13 0 6 1391 1345 +46 32 LLLWW
4 PAOK Saloniki 19 12 0 7 1477 1407 +70 31 WLWWW
5 AE NEA Kifisia 19 11 0 8 1347 1346 +1 30 WLWWW
6 KAO Dramas 19 9 0 10 1424 1452 -28 28 WWLLL
7 Apollon Patras 19 8 0 11 1383 1422 -39 27 WLLWW
8 Aris BC 19 8 0 11 1306 1349 -43 27 LWWLL
9 A.G.O Rethymno 19 7 0 12 1438 1518 -80 26 LWLLW
10 Kolossos 19 7 0 12 1300 1409 -109 26 LWLLL
11 AO Aiolos Trikallon 19 7 0 12 1394 1460 -66 26 WLWLL
12 Panelefsiniakos AOK 19 6 0 13 1297 1424 -127 25 LLWLL
13 Ikaros Halkidas 19 5 0 14 1357 1522 -165 24 LWLLL
14 Ilysiakos Athens 19 5 0 14 1308 1429 -121 24 LLLWL
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