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Nando De Colo: “The best thing would be to cancel the season and prepare for the next one”

The reactions on Euroleague's decision are keep coming.

Photo: EuroLeague Basketball

Fenerbahce guard, Nando De Colo, talked to Radio Marca about Euroleague’s decision to play again in July, in case the season resumes, as well as his coach Zeljko Obradovic.

“We have been unemployed for a month and a half and I see it very difficult to play again. For me, the best thing would be to stop now and prepare better for next season because the most important thing is health.”

After five years in Russia playing for CSKA, the French international signed with Fenerbahce last summer and, as he admits, Zeljko Obradovic was one of the reasons why.

“He has a lot of titles, but the most important thing is that he wants to win more and that he never gives up. Sometimes he is a little crazy and he screams a lot, but we know that he always does it for the good of the team.”

De Colo also referred to the future of his career, saying that after CSKA he really wanted to experience something new.

“I had 2 or 3 options after CSKA, but the most important thing for me was to see something else in Europe before maybe one day return to Spain. Everyone knows that when I finish my career, I would like to live with my family in Spain I have been lucky to be with Popovich and Itoudis and I liked the idea of ​​being with Obradovic.”

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