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Pau Gasol: “Finishing my career in Barcelona has a certain appeal”

Photo: FOX Sports Asia

Pau Gasol was ESPN’s Zach Lowe guest at his podcast “The Lowe”, talking about COVID-19, Kobe Bryant and his playing future in the NBA and the Spanish NT.

The Spanish legend said he aims to go back to the NBA, but also a potential return to his country, Spain and Barcelona holds a “certain appeal.”

The NBA veteran mentioned, among other things, that finishing his career back in Spain certainly has “an appeal”.

“Yes, it has an appeal for sure. I’ve said that since I left Barcelona to come to the NBA but I’ve always said that the longer I play in the NBA, which I love, the harder will be for me to go back and play for one year in Spain. We will see, maybe it will work out, maybe it’s in the books, maybe it’s not.”

He also said:

“It has a certain appeal but I still like to play in the best league [NBA] with the best players.”

Gasol currently has to focus on his rehab after his injury and come back on the court as strong as possible.

“I got to focus on what I control which is my rehab and kind of follow that process and be healthy. I got to take it one day at a time, stay strong, stay positive, stick to my routines and be ready for when I’ll be able to go out there.”

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