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Valencia’s Vanja Marinkovic considers the season lost

Photo: EuroLeague Basketball

Vanja Marinkovic talked about the obstacles in a possible season return, considering this year lost due to the coronavirus outbreak.

“Normally, after a vacation, preparations last for a month or more,” Marinkovic said on nova.rs. “And now, after all these months of break, where is the question of how many people we will see during this time, where every muscle has loosened a little, does anyone really think that everything will “tighten” back in just a month? Just look at how long it takes a player to recover from a minor injury. And here you have the case that the whole crew has been out  for months. Not one, two or three players, but all of them. And now they need to play something fast. Pointless.”

Marinkovic is the leading guard of Valencia, averaging 6.1 points per game with the young Serbian saying cancelling the season is inevitable.

“How do you save [thee season]? By quickly playing something and quickly increasing the risk of injuries, I wish I wasn’t right, but they inevitable after such a break. Well, you can’t save something that is lost. This season is lost, let’s protect people and then turn to the next one and get into it healthy.”

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