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Schortsianitis to miss Eurobasket

Sofocles Schortsianitis was cut from Greece National Team selection after failing the medicals, and is in danger seeing his international career coming to an early end.

As per Greek Basketball Federational announcement Schortsianitis has an injury problem at his quadriceps and has been cut for now and his condition will be evaluated after the first phase of training camp is completed.

Of course this pretty much means he will miss Eurobasket, as Andrea Trinchieri wants players who will put work from Day 1 of the training camp. Vassilis Kavvadas of Panionios has been already called as his replacement.

There have been unofficial rumours that Schortsianitis didn’t want to play and claimed an injury. In that case it’s certain that the Greek Basketball Federation will ban him from international basketball for life, as this is not the first time he refuses to join the National Team.

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