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5 Reasons Street Basketball is better than playing indoors

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Outdoor games have always been a popular form of pastime. And when it comes to the point of different sorts of outside sports, street basketball would strike your mind first. It is a very simplistic form of competition that, over time, has emerged as a kind of more modernized game from a traditional one. With the increasing popularity there have been invented various forms of playing this marvellous, yet easy sport. Things and rules have also changed. Though it can play both indoors and outdoors, there is a lot of difference between these two. Playing outdoor basketball, often called street basketball, demands less necessity of rules and hence provides the players with immense happiness. The courts are easily accessible, with no hard and fast rules of the numbers of the players, which means anyone can get a dive into the happiness of the most famous sport. All you have to do is to keep yourself secured from any injury and equip yourself with a suitable pair of shoes while playing basketball outdoors. If you are determined to enjoy street basketball and grab your shoes, do not forget to consider the breathability, cushioning, tread pattern, and sole of the shoes.

5 Reasons Street Basketball is better than Playing Indoors

As already said, basketball provides the players with the facility to play this sport both indoors and outdoors. The indoor form demands the players to be more formal, while in street basketball, there is less necessity of maintaining the rules. Hooping on the concrete court naturally takes you back to the emerging periods of the sport. Let us focus on the fact why outdoor basketball is preferable than playing indoors.

It is Free

The most basic reason for selecting street basketball over indoors is that it is free. All you need are a court, basketball, and outdoor basketball shoes, and you are ready to play. You do not have to pay for a membership or anything like this. If you are an average man, then this game is perfect for you. You can even have an outdoor court all to yourself.

Street basketballs are also more affordable than indoor ones. You can get an outdoor sport at a range of $10 to $30, while indoor ones may cost you between $25 to $60.

It is not hard to find an outdoor court. You can even find one in the local parks that will cost you nothing to shoot.

Sense of Community

You would feel the specialty of being a member of a social fellowship of the same minded Hooper’s. When you play street basketball, you get the chance to meet new people and make friends with them as you are supposed to meet them over and over again while playing. You may also come across some new faces. It gives you immense fun and amusement to play together and win!


The thing here to mention is the ease you will feel while playing outdoor basketball. It is not that you have to go to the recreation park to play basketball. You can even get an outdoor hoop even in the backyard of your house. It is more convenient than playing indoors as you have the accessibility to shoot around in your place whenever you want. When you feel the zest of this mighty game, you will leave your video game and enjoy your time playing street basketball.

When you have an outdoor hoop straight back to your house, you only have to wear your shoes, take your basketball, go to the backyard and start shooting!

No Hard and Fast Rule

While playing indoor basketball, the two teams have to consist of a certain number of players. In street basketball, there is less necessity for the enforcement of the rules and structures. Just grab your fellow Hooper’s, equip yourself, and start playing!

Increases Adaptability

If you are a basketball lover, you might be well aware of the tremendous difference between playing indoor and outdoor. Indoor courts are designed with hardwood floors, often air-conditioned, have constant forces and temperatures.

But in the case of street basketball, you get the chance to open yourself up to the factors. The courts are not the same, might be made of rubber or just concrete.

You get the chance to play irrespective of the weather condition, from sunny to breezy winds. Be it summer time or winter; you can defeat the weather and enhance your adaptability. So to say, if you love the game in a less forgiving environment, street basketball is just for you.

Outdoor basketball is more durable and made of sturdy material that you can even use while playing indoors.

Basketball is the most popular form of sports nowadays and a source of immense fun for the players. You are never too young or too old to start hooping. Whether it is in the school playground, nearby recreation park, or the backyard of your home, you can begin playing street basketball anytime and any age to keep your body in shape, and enjoy your life.

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