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Golden State Warriors, Steve Kerr against Trump for COVID-19

Photo: USA Today

Steve Kerr, coach of the Golden State Warriors, often and willingly lends himself to interviews that go beyond sport, touching on issues of national importance. In his last chat with ‘The Athletic’, Kerr commented on the coronavirus in the US and how the US government is reacting, without neglecting not too veiled criticisms of the timeliness with which Donald Trump is addressing this topic: “Before, we didn’t have the tools necessary to understand the phenomenon, we ignored its scope. Now everyone has the opportunity to do something useful. I want to do it too, making my voice heard. It was really disappointing that especially at the beginning there was no information useful for understanding the real danger of the phenomenon and the instructions necessary to be able to face it collectively and individually.”

Kerr’s thought

When he understood the gravity of what is happening, Kerr said: “Now we must go further, overcome the selfishness that is in each of us and respect the rules. Sport usually acts as a relief valve when there is a need to put aside problems and concerns, but now it is now right to pay attention to the rules to combat the virus and not to jeopardize the national health system.”

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