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Impossible is impossible

Cajasol Seville lost 63-71 to Real Madrid because of a horrible third quarter in which the visiting team got a 13-points lead enough to secure an important road win. Rudy Fernandez and Brian Asbury were the best players on the court.

Cajasol Seville stayed in the game until Pablo Laso, Real Madrid’s coach, decided to put his best players on the court. Rudy Fernandez, Carroll and the hard job under the boards by Slaughter allowed the visiting team to get a nice advantage in the third quarter. Cajasol could only score a couple of points in the first seven minutes of the second half, and that difference was impossible to diminish in the end.

Anyway, this is not the kind of game that you would expect Cajasol to win. Teams like Cai Zaragoza, Manresa, CB Canarias… Those are the teams in “the” league, the teams they will have to beat in the end to secure a place in the top spanish division. Cajasol’s record is 1-8 while Real Madrid is still unbeaten in the league, with a perfect 9-0 record.

The good news come from Robert Dozier. It seems that he can be the man who helps the team inside, replacing Bradley Buckman for the remainder of the season. The Tepic problem is yet to resolve. How can a player like him be in a team without taking responsibilities? He does nothing in the team. At least, today he played fifteen minutes enough to grab two rebounds a dish an assist. Ridiculousness.

63 – Cajasol (14+20+10+19): Satoransky (11), Tepic (-), Asbury (15), Dozier (13), Balvin (-) -starting five-, Triguero (9), Burjanadze (-), Corrales (-), Sastre (3), Bogdanovic (-), Holland (12).

71 – Real Madrid (6+31+20+14): Dontaye Draper (-), Llull (7), Carlos Suárez (-), Mirotic (6), Begic (2) -starting five-, Rudy Fernandez (14), Pocius (5), Felipe Reyes (9), Sergio Rodriguez (8), Carroll (10), Slaughter (10).

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