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Erceg sidelined for more than 4 months

CSKA Moscow will have to spend a major part of the season without Zoran Erceg who suffered a serious foot injury and will undergo surgery. The Russian champions are considering whether to sign a replacement or not.

The official statement released by CSKA Moscow:

After the additional examination by famous sports surgeon Prof. Andrey Korolev and consultations with Israeli specialists the Achilles tendon tear was found in addition to right soleus muscle injury. The doctors recommended the surgery to be made in Israel on Monday. The rehabilitation will be planned after the surgery but Erceg is estimated to miss more than 4 months of action.

Andrey Vatutin, CSKA President:

The head coach planned to use Erceg as an important element of team system, and the recent games proved that Zoran can perform in this role and he was improving the shape. No doubt, this is serious loss for us; we had big hopes for Erceg, especially on offense. We are not ready to say if we will look for the replacement. We are studying the market, we will look if Andrey Vorontsevich can fill Erceg’s shoes. We just can’t decide quickly in this stage of season.

Source: CSKA Moscow

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