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Steve Kerr thinks it could be good for Stephen Curry, Klay Thompson to miss the playoffs after many years

Photo: Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

Steve Kerr believes it could be good for Stephen Curry and Klay Thompson that they will not play in the playoffs after many years.

Kerr compared the situation of the two superstars to the one of LeBron James, who did not play in the postseason last year.

The head coach of the Golden State Warriors said James taking a break after years of consistently making the Finals was good for him, as he plays a lot different this year. He expects his stars on the Warriors to feel the same way as well.

“I’m very confident that both Steph and Klay have gotten the mental break. I almost look at it — look at LeBron this year. LeBron looks like a different guy than he did a year ago. And eight straight trips to the Finals, just crazy. That’s a feat that people probably don’t talk about enough, to understand the emotional toll that takes.

So for our guys, five straight trips to the Finals, just the feeling of being wiped out, Steph and Klay have both gotten to get away, not under ideal circumstances, neither one has been able really to enjoy themselves physically because of their injuries, but just to step away from the fight, I think has been important,” Kerr said, per Nick Friedell of ESPN.

Curry will return to action in the coming days, after missing the past four months with a broken hand. For his part, Thompson will miss the entire season due to an ACL tear.

The Warriors have the worst record in the league, at 13-47.

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