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FIBA Europe President, Board sued to CAS

The fraction between the head of FIBA Europe and several national basketball federations has reached a new level. National federations filed a lawsuit to The Court of Arbitration for Sport (CAS) seeking the removal of Icelander Olafur Ransson, FIBA Europe President.

Delfi.lt reports that Lithuanian,Turkish, Russian, Serbian, Slovenian and Ukrainian basketball federations are the most active among those that want to replace people who run FIBA Europe and are looking for ways get the process moving.

It was decided to go the court after FIBA Europe refused to call an extraordinary meeting of the General Assembly. 28 out of 51 FIBA Europe member federations signed the request even though 15 is sufficient according to the Statute of FIBA Europe. The plan was to vote to remove Rafnsson from his position during the meeting.

Knowing what was planned for the meeting, FIBA Europe Board refused to call it. According to Mindaugas Balciunas, Lithuanian Basketball Federation (LKF) Secretary General, it was the prerogative FIBA Europe President to call the meeting and the Board is not competent to take such decisions. Therefore the Board was also sued to the CAS.

Former FIBA Europe Secretary General, Nar Zanolin, who was scandalously sacked back in May has changed his mind and also filed a lawsuit putting further pressure on FIBA Europe President and the Board.

A proponent of FIBA Europe’s independence from FIBA, Zanolin was removed from his position with the aim to increase FIBA’s influence. The official reasons of Zanolin’s sacking are yet to be published.

Not all national federations are in support of the actions taken against FIBA Europe. Croatia, France, Germany, Italy and Spain are the most notable federations that took an opposite stand. The differing views between the national federations had split Europe in two opposing camps.

The court proceedings are expected to begin in October. The ordinary procedure in the CAS lasts between 6 and 12 months.

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