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Lakers switching to Princeton offense

Los Angeles Lakers, who had one of the least efficient offenses in the NBA last season, will have an entirely different outlook starting from next season.

Lakers will be switching to Princeton offense this year and hiring Eddie Jordan as an assistant coach to run it.

Jordan, who most recently coached Philadelphia 76’ers in the 2009/10 season, happens to be the best foremost Princeton authority in the league.

In the Princeton offense Kobe is expected to have more open shots. The Black Mamba, who will be 34 when the season starts, has been searching a better spacing and more freedom in the offense for a long time.

“It’s a great offense,” Kobe said. “It’s exactly what we need. It takes us back to being able to play by making reads and reacting to defenses. It takes a great deal of communication, but that’s where we’re at our best: Reading and reacting as opposed to just coming down and calling sets. Calling sets make you vulnerable.”

The Black Mamba also believes that the Lakers will benefit from the passing abilities of both Pau Gasol and Steve Nash in the Princeton offense: “Steve is going to make it easier for Pau, because he’s an incredible distributor, but the system is perfect for Gasol. His ability to pass the ball, to make plays from the high post is the perfect system for him.”

Teams, which run the Princeton offense, need some time to develop the chemistry needed to run it. So the Lakers will need to spend so much time to get used to their new system.

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