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NBA offseason: winners and losers

Who get the most out of NBA offseason? And who is a step behind?

With all the major Free Agents out of the market it’s a good time to have a review of this offseason.

Winner: Atlanta Hawks

Danny Ferry had something to prove after some questionable moves in his tenure in Cleveland. After trading Joe Johnson and his max contract for basically expiring deals he redeemed himself totally. The addition of Lou Williams without sacrifing future space to add free agents next season is another bonus to Ferry’s work.In the draft the Hawks selected John Jenkins, the best 3-point shooter of  NCAA at Vanderbilt last season and a very good performer in last Summer League in Las Vegas.

Loser: Chicago Bulls

With Derrick Rose out for the regular season the Bulls have changed all the second unit,losing Omer Asik and other good contributors while adding Belinelli, Mohammed,Hinrich and Teague. This is a obvious downgrade and not what you expect from a team with legit hope for a deep run in the playoffs.

Winner: Houston Rockets

The Rockets want a superstar, a legit building block to surround with the right supporting cast, period. They want Dwight Howard despite he has stated that he would not sign an extension for anyone except the Brooklyn Nets. In the meantime Morey has managed to add Jeremy Lin from New York and Omer Asik from the Bulls,two solid players coveted by many other teams.They have enjoyed the best draft of every franchise except New Orleans, adding Jeremy Lamb, Terrance Jones and Royce White, three youngsters ready to contribute from day one. In the case they couldn’t trade for Howard now, the Rockets will have a lot of space under the cap for next wave of free agents and a pair of lottery picks in the next draft.

Loser: Sacramento Kings

The Kings have a lot of talent,from Cousins to Evans, Thornton and Friedette, but they lack any type of defense.So far they have resigned Thompson for too much money and traded for James Johnson. First round Thomas Robinson and Friedette have really struggled in Summer League. They need veteran leadership to push all the young guys to develop a defensive mindset and maybe a new coach with the same mindset, but the owners are not fully engaged with Sacramento, so their supporters still fail to see the light of the tunnel.

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