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Love thinks the Olympics shouldn’t be restricted

As USA’s Kevin Love prepares for the London Games in ten days time, he thinks that the Olympics should not be restricted to under-23’s.

This comes after David Stern’s controversial proposal to limit the Olympics to an under-23 competition, and propelling the world championships, recently re-named the Basketball World Cup to the international main event.

Kobe Bryant recently labelled the idea as stupid.

Love, who is with the rest of the USA squad in Manchester preparing for Thursday night’s game with Great Britain is proud to be part of Team USA and hopes he gets many more opportunities in the future.

“I think you should have a choice to play,” he admits. “There’s only a select group of guys that get to play in the Olympics so I think you be able to play for your country if you want to and if you’re good enough.”

The 23-year-old Minnesota Timberwolves forward would still qualify for the roster this year, but it would be his last Olympics if Stern’s proposal would come to pass.

Team USA face Great Britain tomorrow and while most admit that they know little about Team GB with the exception of Chicago Bulls forward Luol Deng, Love claims that he has watched some tapes on Chris Finch’s side.

“They’ve been playing well but only from watching the guys on FIBA basketball and I’ve watched them in the past but as of right now we have a game plan and have to get ready for them,” Love said.

Great Britain have won just two of their nine pre-Olympic warm-up games. USA have won their first two encounters.

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