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Golden State Warriors, Kerr: “Wiggins could already play against the Lakers “

Steve Kerr
Photo: NBC Sports

No doubt for Steve Kerr. Andrew Wiggins is the perfect player for Golden State Warriors. In fact, Kerr said he was very satisfied with the outcome of the negotiation that brought Wiggin to the Golden State and D’Angelo Russell to the Minnesota Timberwolves: “I’m happy with the purchase of Wiggins, it’s a move that makes sense for both teams. Russell’s adaptability was questionable, we knew this from the first day he signed. When you already have players like Curry and Thompson it is difficult to insert another dominant guard. We had 50 games to evaluate the situation: although things got complicated with Steph’s injury, we understood that Russell was not going well for our game”.

Wiggins is perfect for Kerr’s ideas

Although it will take time, according to Steve Kerr, Wiggins is a player more congenial to his team’s game philosophy than Russell: “Andrew is very strong, he will adapt very well here: for many NBA players the ability to adapt is everything and Wiggins is one of them. In that position we lost players like Durant, Iguodala, Livingston and Thompson, who is jumping all season: there is a place in the quintet that awaits him, but there will be work because he is still young“.

Wiggins ready for the debut with the GSW

The debut with the Warriors could come soon, according to some sources already against the Los Angeles Lakers. These are Steve Kerr’s words about it: “Let’s see if he can play: yesterday I spoke to him, he told me that he is excited to play for us and for this he could play but we must make considerations”.


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