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Celtics’ Vincent Poirier talks about team goals, the loss of Kobe Bryant

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Boston Celtics’ Vincent Poirier spoke to the media ahead of the team’s European Primetime game against the OKC Thunder on Sunday.

Q: You face the Thunder on Sunday at European Prime Time. What do expect to see from them without Westbrook from the first time?

VP: “We never played them before, but we know that every game for us is an important game. We need to go there and play well for sure.”

Q: You’ve just passed the halfway point of the season, what is your assessment of your team so far and your expectations?

VP: “I think we’re where we want to be. We’ve won some big games and we keep growing as a team. The goal is to be the best we can for the playoffs. Right now, I think we’re pretty good. We work hard and we try to put that energy in the game, too. We’re pretty good right now.”

Q: Do you think it’s a fair assessment that you have a shot to catch the Bucks? They’re pretty far in front right now. Do you think it’s a legitimate goal to try and catch them at this point in the season? Or are you just playing for the best record you can get?

VP: “I mean, the goal is to play to win every game. I feel like we don’t see the end of the season right now. We try to take each game after each game and play as hard as we can and win as many games as we can until the final game of the season. Nobody is looking forward to what is going to happen at the end. We just try and play every game as a win.”

Q: Following the tragic loss of Kobe, how much did he influence your game? Or did he?

VP: “We knew that. The locker room was a little bit sad and focused on the game. Everybody wanted to honour Kobe and wanted to play a great game and show for him. I think it kept us focused for the game for all the 48 minutes, and everybody was really affected by that – the tragedy – to be professional and play the game.”

Q: Do you like what the league is doing, the way they are honouring him at the All-Star game?

VP: “I think it’s great. He was one of the best players of all time and it’s normal for the league and all the people to honour him the way they are doing it. It’s a big loss for basketball and I think it’s good to make everything like that.”

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