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Houston is officially going “small”

Los Angeles Lakers vs Houston Rockets

The Houston Rockets gave up Capela on a four-team trade in order to fully engage in small ball lineups.

According to “StatMuse”, Houston are 10-1 without Capela this season, while they are 5-0 in games that no Rockets player taller than 6’6 played for more than 10 minutes.

The Rockets trade Capela, Green and a first rounder for Robert Covington, who he may return to his old all-defense self, after a disappointing stint in Minnesota.

Covington is shooting the second worst career-percentage from the three-point line (34.6%) this season on his second highest usage rating of his career in the last four years(17.7).

As ESPN’s Tim MacMahon reported, the Rockets will make a move for a rotational big either via trade or the buyout market, but is this enough in the the tough West against bigs like Nikola Jokic, Anthony Davis and others?

*Stats from NBA.com

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