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Kobe Bryant: That’s where the public memorial would be held

Kobe Bryant
Photo: Keith Allison/via Wikimedia Commons

We have to admit, it is still difficult to achieve the absurd death of Kobe Bryant. The reality, unfortunately, is that Kobe is gone and the world is paying tribute to him. Above all at the Staples Center there is a continuous pilgrimage of fans and non-Lakers fans who want to remember, in their own way, the greatness of Kobe Bryant.

Public Memorial at Staples Center?

The public memorial is also being organized, which will be an incredible event attended by thousands of people. The Staples Center, the home of Kobe, would be the ideal place, but it is not large enough to hold the people who want to say goodbye for the last time. In fact, the Staples Center contains 20,000 people, too few if we consider how many people are reacting to his death instead. For this reason, the organizers are evaluating other places that can accommodate a large crowd.

Possible alternatives

The most logical option is The Coliseum which holds around 80,000 people and has a parking lot that can hold even more people. The Rose Bowl, which holds about 91,000 people, was also taken into consideration, but this one is in Pasadena, too far away. The decision has not yet been made, as TMZ reveals, but it is being discussed. The funeral of Kobe himself is being organized, but it is still to be decided.

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