The Exact Moment Michael Jordan Chose the Number 23

Michael Jordan and Larry Jordan attend he 7th Annual Michael Jordan Celebrity Invitational Golf Tournament at Atlantis on January 16. 2007 at Paradise Island Bahamas (Photo by Dimitrios Kambouris/WireImage)

23. Be like Mike. THE Michael Jordan. The greatest player of all time in the game of basketball, arguably ever. But, what made him electrify generations to don the number 23 – on jerseys, on posters, Jordan shoes, signatures – how did it all come down to this number?

It started in high-school. Playing alongside the same team as his older brother Larry in high-school. Michael was in awe of his brother’s athletic prowess and his competitive nature yet kind heart. Larry wore #45, and as a tribute to Larry – Michael always stated that he wished to one day become half the man Larry is. 45 divided by 2 is 22.5 – round up the decimal and you have the legendary 23. The impact Larry played in Michael’s life – even though he didn’t make the NBA nor play for UNC in college was immense. He instilled a sense of maturity in Michael, yet displayed an elite ability to always remain a kid at heart that Michael aimed to emulate.