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Gordon Geib: The Globetrotter that returned to basketball

This is the interesting story of Gordon Geib, a German International that played 10 years in the German Bundesliga.

One of the best players and fan favorite of Bayer Leverkusen, Gordon Geib was deemed as a talented prospect early on. Subsequently he played many years as a starter in the German Bundesliga. During 2000-2008 he played for Leverkusen and during 2008-2010 for Dusseldorf.

During the 2005-2006 season he scored 10.3 points in average, leading all German players in the league. Moreover he was a regular in German NTs, missing participation in the 2008 Olympics only due to Chris Kaman.

All that is nice. The funny thing is that at age 27, when a basketball player enters his best phase, he decided to drop basketball and travel around the world with his girlfriend Gesine Paulus. And after a year’s pause, he is back active in basketball even though, despite having offers from Bundesliga teams, he preferred to play in a minor league. He looks happy in any case.

For more pics and travel logs (in german), visit the couple’s blog

Story picked up at beko-bbl.de

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