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LeBron James is a candidate as MVP

The Los Angeles Lakers all look from above. The Lakers are placed first in the Western Conference, and it is now clear that this team is the best and most accredited to win the 2020 NBA finals. Some might wonder why the Lakers are the best team. The answer is very simple, they have LeBron James.

All doubts swept away

Some doubted about the performance that LeBron had this season. His career is clear, LeBron has played 8 of the last nine NBA finals. But age is not on LeBron’s side. With his 35 years, some thought that LeBron wouldn’t make it like it used to. Doubts have been completely swept away by LeBron James’ superlative performance.

New record coming soon

As if that wasn’t enough, LeBron James has not only swept away the doubts of the most skeptical about his performance, but he is also preparing to reach a new record. If James scores 18 points against the Philadelphia 76ers on Saturday night, he will pass Kobe Bryant for third place in the all time high score table, a surprising achievement. This new record in fact arrives at the current season and not at the end of his career as often happens. In the middle of the season LeBron is preparing to become one of the best of all time in the NBA.

These performances in fact open the duel with Giannīs Antetokounmpo as the best MVP. Who would have thought? If LeBron wins the MVP this year, it will be thanks to his unparalleled ability to improve his teammates.

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