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Olympiacos agrees with Hines

The first post-crisis Olympiacos transfer is a fact and it’s Kyle Hines.


Hines was high in Olympiacos’ shortlist regarding the center position. Although undersized and standing at just 198cm Hines won the “battle” against D’or Fischer and Benjamin Eze who were the other main candidates for the position.

Olympiacos waited for some time for some highly paid players to make some room in the roster while it renegotiated some contracts with other role players before finalising the deal with Hines.

Hines’ wish was to play for The Reds, a wish that made him turn down offers from Bamberg, Roma and Benetton amongst others. According to information he will be receiving 300K euros per season.

Last season he averaged 12.9 points and 5.4 rebounds in 10 Euroleague games.

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