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Badiane and Gomis to play for Senegal

According to a source, the French Basket Ball Federation should announce today that Pape Badiane and Joseph Gomis will be able to join Senegal.

Last June, the French magazine l’Equipe had reported that the Federation had refused to let those players, along with Pape Sy, join Senegal because they had already played for France in the past… even though it is very unlikely that those two players would have been selected again.

Alain Weisz, the French coach of the Senegalese national team, was irritated and Pape Badiane confessed to be stunned by this decision.

But all of this could change, at least for Badiane and Gomis – due to his age and his upside, Sy probably won’t get cleared. Pape Badiane should be able to join Senegal for the AfroBasket this summer. Joseph Gomis is in contact with the selection but hasn’t committed to join it yet.

By Julien Deschuyteneer, basketactu.com

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