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Lorbek: Yes. Maybe. No. Yes!

In the final (?) episode of the “Lorbek family” saga, Erazem Lorbek has announced his decision to play for Slovenia NT, after all.

The sudden change of heart by the player came after a public outcry in Slovenia, over Lorbek family methods, as it became clear that Barcelona had nothing to do with the players abstaining from Eurobasket, but rather personal family interests.

The player’s bluff became apparent early on, but Barcelona just made it official by sending the following email to anyone who queried over the contract issue that Lorbek cited in an interview.

“FC Barcelona has NEVER forbidden any player to play with National Team. As you must know, Jaka Lakovic who played for us for 5 seasons, played with Slovenian National Team every summer since he signed for FC Barcelona. We never had any problems for that. Juan Carlos Navarro, has payed for the National Team for 12 straight summers and we never had any problem with the Spanish Federation. Same thing for Ricky Rubio and Victor Sada.

The final decision to play for the National Team is always up to the player.”

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{jathumbnail off}Both the Slovenian Federation and Erazem Lorbek just threw ashes to the eyes of the public during the press conference with some mumbo-jumbo about insurance etc. The player refused to even answer press questions stating “I hope this conflict between the Slovenian Basketball Federation and myself is now finished. I will not give any further statements.”

Later on Bozidar Majkovic hinted on what really went on: “If someone thinks that they can bargain with Boza Maljkovic he is mistaken. I’m a bad bargainer and I don’t want to have anything to do with it. Slovenia is a small country but you still have three pairs [referring to Lorbek, Udrih and Dragic brothers] of basketball brothers in it. Such a small country, with small number of players, but not as small as to have three or four of five Lorbeks in it.”


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