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Nikola Milutinov: “This game was like the finals for us”

Nikola Milutinov Olympiacos
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Nikola Milutinov, after Olympiacos defeated Zalgiris 83-74 in the EuroLeague, said that this win means a lot for the atmosphere in the locker-room.

One of the most important players in the Greek team Nikola Milutinov was more than happy that his squad celebrated in Peace and Friendship Sports Hall against team from Kaunas.

“This win means a lot. We were in very difficult situation, we were loosing games at home with 25 points difference. It was really difficult, especially when you play one game a week. It is hard after the loss to wait 7-8 days for the next match. We had tough period, but we were well aware of the importance of this game. I am glad we won for, so to say, better atmosphere in the locker-room, for the team spirit. We needed this win”,
said Milutinov after the game.

The home team was very tight at the beginning of the match against Zalgiris, but they were playing much better and especially in the third quarter. In the moments when the team needed some action, Nikola Milutinov throw himself to catch the ball. His amazing rebound paid off. After few seconds, Milutinov’s teammate Antonis Koniaris scored his firsts and only points during the match for the result 43-39. It looked like that move was extra motive for the whole squad.

“I only did my best in the match. I have already mentioned that this game was important to us. It is like we played in the final. My goal was to help the team in every possible way. Whole team showed they can play this kind of games. We showed we can play well even in the tough situations”, said Nikola Milutinov after another great individual performance (14 points, 8 rebounds for the index rating of 27).

“Team performance is more important than individual. I would like more for my team to play well. It is not important if one individual is playing good, when team is not winning”.

The Serbian center would like for his team to continue to play the way they played against Zalgiris, but he is still uncertain if this game means they’re back on track.

“I am not sure what will happen in the future. We all want to continue where we stopped today, but I am still not sure if this means we will continue with good games, or this was only one. We played excellent in Russia, and soon after lost at home with 25 points behind. Even though it is difficult to be sure what will future bring, we will all continue to fight”, finished Milutinov his interview for TalkBasket.net.

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