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Fuenlabrada bested Cajasol on the run for the playoffs

Cajasol lost a decisive game for the playoffs at home against Fuenlabrada (72-77) in the 27th round of ACB League. The visitor team came from 18 points behind, paced by Laviña and Biyombo.

The first half had two different parts. It may sound abvious, but it was true. While Cajasol started the game very concentrated, still with good brivations not only in Eurocup but also in the domestic league, Fuenlabrada just couldn’t play to that level. Soon Ayon went to bench, replaced by Biyombo. It seemed that Cajasol wanted to finish the game as soon as possible. But the game was marvelous read by visitors’ coach, Salva Maldonado, who never let Cajasol to go too far away on the score.

Fuenlabrada played much better since the moment when Cajasol got a 18-points lead (34-16, 15′). It started to happen in the second quarter. Fuenlabrada put in practice a very efective zonal defense and Cajasol stopped scoring suddenly. In adition to this, Biyombo started to dominate the paint, injuring Davis by the way in a fight for a rebound. Ayon went back to the court, this time to play as a center, and started to do a good job, while Laviña scored from behind the arc. In Cajasol, only Ivanov could score good enough. At least the work on defense was still good and they managed to finish the quarter holding a 6-points lead, but there was a bad feeling in the air for Cajasol.

Bad feelings which continued in the third quarter, with Biyombo dominating inside. This man can intimidate so much with blocks that nobody dares to go inside the paint, changing the game completely. And so he did, while Guardia put his team ahead for the first time in the game (48-49, 25′). 

Finally, in the last quarter Mainoldi put Fuenlbrada away thanks to two consecutive three-pointers (69-70, 38′), a small advantage the they would never lose in the end. It was Urtasun who took the lead in Cajasol to win the game, but with little help from his teammates it was a losing effort.

Right now Cajasol is two wins away from the playoffs positions, while Fuenlabrada is still fighting against Unicaja, Gran Canaria and Estudiantes for one of the last spots.

72 – Cajasol (22+19+16+15): Calloway (6), Bullock (6), Sastre (7), Katelynas (4), Davis (9) -starting five-, Triguero (5), Cabanas (-), Satoransky (3), Urtasun (14), Kirksay (4), Ivanov (14)

77 – Fuenlabrada (14+21+22+20):
Valters (6), Davor Kus (8), Laviña (16), Salva Guardia (8), Gustavo Ayón (7) -starting five-, Mainoldi (9), Colom (2), Biyombo Sumba (7), Cortaberría (5), Rabaseda (9)

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