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Gasol goes CSI Miami!

ImagePaul Gasol is looking to expand his career to more activities than just basketball and will try his acting capabilities as he will be a guest star in a CSI Miami episode!

CSI Miami is a world-wide hit of CBS network with tens of millions of fans and an appearance there will make Gasol known even to the most clueless, basketball wise, people all over the world.

According to Gasol himself who commented on this to "El Pais" newspaper in Spain:

"It was a very attractive opportunity. I play Victor, a normal person who is involved in a car accident and police are suspicious that I am responsible for what happened. I have good, meaty dialogue with an officer." OK, I don't know what he means by "meaty" but it sounds interesting nevertheless.

The episode in which Gasol is expected to appear will be broadcasted in November 16th (tomorrow) night, in USA. I will be uploading screenshots of him as soon as I get my hands on that episode, so stay tuned!

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