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Mousaka, Pastitsio and Pick and Roll. AEK beats Kolossos Rhodes for first win of season

AEK Athens ( 11th place)– Kolossos Rhodes H Hotels (1st place): 93-69

Quarters: 20-14, 45-29, 71-51, 93-69

Venue: OAKA Indoor Hall

Referees: Symeonidis- Katrachouras- Mpikas

MVP: Howard Sant-Roos

Aek hosted Kolossos Rhodes for the second gameweek of Greek Basketleague. AEK made a triumphant return to OAKA with a resounding 93-69 win over the visiting Kolossos Rhodes. Keith Langford netted 8 points and Aek took the lead from the beggining ( 14-5). Marangkos gave Kolossos Rhodes some spark and reduce the gap. 

AEK remained as leader in the end of the first quarter ( 20-14). Nick Paulos scored 2 concecutive 3pointers and he pushed the margin to 3 points. (20-23). AEK needed a go-to guy and found one in Keith Langford, who won many fouls and scored many points in the second quarter. Aek led by 16 points at halftime ( 45-29). 

Langford kept this pace in the third quarter  ( 52-31), getting help from Stefan Jankovic to scored a lot of points. Aek led by 20 points ( 71-51) in the end of the third quarter. The game was over and Langford had already 25 points. Finally after 10 minutes Aek won Kolossos Rhodes 93-69.

AEK Athens ( 11th place) best players : Points: Keith Langford ( 25 points) , Rebound: Howard Sant-Roos ( 12 rebounds) , Assist: Howard Sant-Roos ( 4 assists)

Kolossos Rhodes H Hotels (1st place) : Points: Lasan Kromah ( 15 points) , Rebound: Lasan Kromah ( 8 rebounds) , Assist: Lasan Kromah ( 7 assists)

AEK Athens ( 11th place) will travel to Lemnos to play against Hfaistos Lemnou, whereas Kolossos Rhodes H Hotels (1st place) will face Lavrio Megabolt at home in the 3rd gameweek. 

Iraklis Thessalonikis (10th place) – Aris Thessalonikis (7th place) : 82-66

Quarters: 22-15, 37-25, 64-47, 82-66

Venue: Ivanofeio Sports Arena

Referees: Schinas- Papapetrou- Malamas

MVP: Darius Garrett

Iraklis had a solid defence and the hosts was in the lead from the start (9-2). Aris had difficulties to score a single and the hosts took the oppurtunity to increase the gap (18-8). Phlionis rescued Aris in the end of the first quarter and Iraklis was in front by 7 points in the end of the first quarter ( 22-15). Aris with Morris points reduce the gap ( 22-19), but Iraklis with Hanlan and Garrett answered and stayed in the lead at halftime ( 37-25).

Iraklis reamained as leader in third quarter ( 64-47). Hanlan and Schuler had a great performance and their 3 pointers were very significant for hosts. Althoufh Flionis and Morris tried to complete Aris comeback ( 55-39) , but the team which coached by Kastritis won easily the match ( 64-47)

Aris Thessalonikis (7th place) best players : Points: Darius Garrett ( 17 points) , Rebound: Darius Garrett ( 15 rebounds) , Assist: Jamal Schuler ( 6 assists)

Iraklis Thessalonikis (10th place) : Points: Jaylen Morris  ( 23 points) , Rebound: Vladimir Dragisevic ( 7 rebounds) , Assist: Martynas Gecevicius ( 5  assists)

Aris Thessalonikis (7th place) will face Larisa on the road, whereas Iraklis Thessalonikis will host Rethymno Cretan Kings at home in the 3rd gameweek.

Rethymno Cretan Kings (12th place) – Peristeri Winmasters ( 5th place) : 60-79

Quarters: 15-25, 25-40, 43-58, 60-79

Venue: Melina Merkouri Sports Arena

Referees: Tsaroucha- Diamantis- Ksenikakis

MVP: Panagiotis Vasilopoulos

Peristeri made a great start and the team which coached by Hlias Zouros was in front from thw beginning ( 2-9). Vasilopoulos was the main factor why Peristeri led by 10 in the end of the first quarter ( 15-25). Zouros demanded from his players to isolate Frankamp. Rethymno players missed many shots and they kept Rethymno scoreless. This is why Peristeri led by 15 at halftime ( 25-40). 

The hosts fought to equalise the match in the third quarter. Frankamp scored a lot of points and he helped Rethymno to close the deficit ( 41-54). Peristeri was in the lead at the end of the third quarter ( 43-58). Ksanthopoulos 3pointer ( 52-66) was very decisive. Peristeri was better and finally the visitors got a positive start by holding off Rethymno Cretan Kings 60-79.

Rethymno Cretan Kings (12th place) best players : Points: Conner Frankamp ( 21 points) , Rebound: Andreas Christodoulou ( 5 rebounds) , Assist: Ramon Harris ( 3 assists)

Peristeri Winmasters ( 5th place): Points: Panagiotis Vasilopoulos ( 13 points) , Rebound: Michael Antony Morrison ( 6 rebounds) , Assist: Panagiotis Vasilopoulos ( 4   assists)

Rethymno Cretan Kings (12th place) will come across Iraklis Thessalonikis on the road and Peristeri Winmasters will face Panionios at home for the 3rd gameweek.

Promitheas Patras ( 2nd place) – Ionikos Nikaias Affidea ( 9th place) : 87-80

Quarters: 28-25, 48-47, 69-65, 87-80.

Venue: Dimitris Tofalos Arena

Referees: Pitsilkas- Kardaris- Zacharis

MVP: Octavius Ellis

Ionikos Nikaias promoted this year from A2 to Greek Basketleague, but the team which coached by Vangelis Mageiras is very difficult opponent for everyone.  Katsivelis and Mavrokefalidis were the best players and they scored many points. Promitheas had an 4/9 3pointers and the hosts led by 3 points in the first quarter ( 28-25). Ionikos had many points from 3pointers and the visitors took the lead ( 40-44), but Octavius Ellis dunk gave to the hosts the leading score at halftime ( 48-47).

Ionikos was very competitive and the visitors with Lwarence and Jamal Jones scored a lot of points in the third quarter. But Promitheas regained the lead with Chris Babb and the team which coached by Makis Giatras was in the lead by 4 points in the end of the third quarter ( 69-65).  Chris Babb was very important for Promitheas and he gave a lot of signnificant points. Promitheas won 87-80 over Ionikos Nikaias.

Promitheas Patras ( 2nd place) best players : Points: Dimitris Katsivelis ( 20  points) , Rebound: Octavius Ellis ( 11 rebounds) , Assist: Langstall Hall ( 7 assists)

Ionikos Nikaias Affidea ( 9th place): Points:  Loukas Mavrokefalidis ( 15 points) , Rebound: Roland Saftenaar  ( 11 rebounds) , Assist: Eugene Lawrence (   8 assists)

Promitheas Patras B.C. will travel to Athens to play against Panathinaikos next week, whereas Ionikos Nikaias will face Paok at home for the 3rd gameweek.

PAOK Thessalonikis (8th place)  – Ermis Larisas ( 13th place) : 87-61

Quarters: 19-5, 39-22, 62-43, 87-61

Venue: PAOK Sports Arena

Referees: Pitsilkas- Kardaris- Zacharis

MVP:  Adam Smith

Paok have a better team than Ermis Larisas and this was obvious from the start in the second gameweek. Lewis had an outstanding performance from the start with 6 points, 3 rebounds and 3 assists. Paok led by 14 points in the end of the first quarter ( 19-5). Although the hosts increased more and more the gap ( 31-11), but Larisa with Parks points mainly tried to be competitice. Paok led by 17 points at the break ( 39-22). 

Paok players kept the pace of scoring anf the team which coached by Frangias wasn’t able to equalize the match. Paok was in front of in the end of the third quarter (62-43) and the hosts finally won the match by 16 points ( 87-61).

PAOK Thessalonikis (8th place) best players : Points: Adam Smith ( 24 points) , Rebound: Knowles Zane  ( 10 rebounds) , Assist:  JeQuan Lewis ( 10 assists)

Ermis Larisas ( 13th place): Points: Johnny Berhanemeskel ( 22 points) , Rebound: Blake Hamilton ( 6 rebounds) , Assist: Scottie Reynolds (  7  assists)

Paok will face Ionikos Nikaias on the road next week, whereas Ermis Larisas will face Aris Thessalonikis at home in the 3rd gameweek.

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