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Adjusted plus/minus for Euroleague 09/10

Thanks to some outstanding work by Eli on his blog Count The Basket, I got an idea of how to calculate adjusted plus/minus. From that point it was only a question of changing the Euroleague play by playa data to the right format. It might be interesting to note by the way that Eli was signed by an NBA franchise twelve days after he had published his guide to calculating adjusted +/-.

I’m sure you’re accustomed now to basic plus/minus, as you find it in boxscores. It is common to divide a player’s pure +/- by minutes or possessions and set it into context with offcourt data, which makes for the oncourt/offcourt +/- I published here (I mistakingly called it “adjusted” some time ago, but this isn’t the adjusted +/- everyone is talking about). I’m a big of a fan of +/-. I don’t think it is the end of all arguments, it doesn’t tell which player “is better” than the other, but it offers a whole new perspective, since it provides an individual stat solely based on team production, in contrary to the biases of the boxscore-based statistics you are all familiar with.

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