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Eurobasket 2009, advanced offensive statistics

ImageThankfully, FIBA is offering fans a comprehensive database offering an in depth look at Eurobasket 2009 statistics. However, these are only the most common statistics, which aren’t always the most telling ones.

Which is why I decided to do a bit of the math myself in order to take a closer look at the teams’ statistical performances after three gamedays in this year’s Eurobasket.

The biggest knock on Per game statistics is that they ignore the pace of a game. A team that only scores 70 points a game isn’t necessarily playing bad offense. For example, I analysed offensive performance of all Euroleague teams prior to this year’s Final Four in Berlin, and CSKA Moscow, a famously slow-paced team, was 2nd in the league in points per possession while being only 11th in points per game. The latter maybe had some fans believe that CSKA was a rather average offensive team that was successful primarily because of its defense. Per possession statistics suggested otherwise.

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