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Eurobasket 2009, Day 1

GAME OF THE DAY: Clearly Serbia’s dismantling of Spain. At the beginning of the day, I was asking myself how Spain was going to do against the physical, enthusiastic, young but already experienced Serbian team.

Lifeless. I didn’t expect this. Spain is blessed with so much firepower, yet Serbia was able to dominate this game’s pace, making it a physical halfcourt battle. Hats off to the old Ivkovic for pulling off this stunt. Looking at the individuals, Nenad Kristic [18 points] is looking fresher with every game after starting off looking like an old man at the beginning of preparation, while Milenko Tepic [10] and particularly Novica Velickovic [12 points as well as 8 rebounds, 3 steals and 1 block] seem to be returning to their fine Partizan 08/09 inseason form. Further, I was impressed by Stefan Markovic’s gritty play and/on defense, as well as, once again, Milan Macvan’s incredible basketball IQ.

This guy is just a joy to watch. One also must admire the workhorse Paunic. A bit dirty sometimes, physical, gritty, valuable. I must admit, I love this Serbian team and hope they enjoy a deep run in this tournament. Even if they don’t, the best is yet to come in the upcoming years. The thing is, this team doesn’t seem like it wants to achieve something in the future. They want to do it now.

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