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Slovenia: Trying to overcome the Udrih setback

ImageFor a country with only slightly more than two million inhabitants, the number of high-level basketball players Slovenia has been producing over the years is simply sensational.

There are two FC Barcelona key players, the CSKA Moscow captain, a guy who averaged 7.1 points per contest in 317 games in the NBA, before signing lucrative contracts in Moscow and Istanbul, four NBA players, two of those will appear in Poland, plus several very capable role players that are spread out over the European continent.

Overlook: Despite all the talent, team chemistry has often been something that the Slovenians somehow failed to build, be it for the divaesque behaviour of the NBA homecomers, or for whatever reason. This year, it was Sascha Vujacic’s, who had finally decided to show up for the national team after an individually rather disappointing NBA season with the Lakers, turn to deliver the headlines, and he didn’t have us waiting for long. Put simply, the machine decided it didn’t need to be oiled, and headcoach Jurij Zdovc didn’t hesitate to throw it out on the street.

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