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April 2008 MOTM interview, get to know Quince

So I had a good interview with quince since he won the April 2008 Member of The Month competition. He’s a cool guy so please read on.

*S=Straight Faced Q=Quince

S: Alright, so let’s get started. What’s your name, age, and where are you from?

Q: My Name is Roman I’m 14, I’m from lithuania Vilnius, but now I’m living in England Little city Hertford moved nearly year ago.

Feeling free to answer all the question. “Probably not perv ones :D”

S: That’s cool that’s cool.

So you play basketball right? What position?

Q: Yeah I’m playing basketball for London Leopards team, played for under 14 team, but next seas is going to be under 16 probably. I’m usually SG, SF. If really needed im playing PG, quite happy to play PG as well.

S: Oh yeah. Point Guards fun (I play it).

So who is your favorite pro team? And why?

Q: Pro team, would be Vilnius Lietuvos Rytas, also I like the way they find players, because they have only like 3 mln dollars and they make nice team, also would be Partizan who is amazing with smallest salary, I like Siena Montepaschi they have nice players, they play nice basketball.

NBA would be Cavs, haven’t got superb roster but do really well, I think might do even better if coach would use more bench players than LeBron.

S: I totally agree with you on the Cavs situtation. They lose in the playoffs cause teams can wear LBbron out.

What made you like basketball in the first place?

Q: Before I started play basketball, I used to play on Clarinet in music school, I liked it pretty much but I always liked basketball because im from basketball country Lithuania I decided to start playing basketball I wasnt really good but still. Because I was going to school in afternoon like from 12.40 till 5-6. I was training in the mornings and music afternoons, left music school (but I was good at it), and started playing basketball at which I wasn’t so good. I was like 10 then and now basketball is biggest passion and its everything for me, ball makes me feel happy.

S: Wow. That’s pretty cool, you’re actually doing it because you want to. In America, lots of kids just play to fit in etc.

Alright, last question type thing.

Top 5:

Things about yourself:


1. Jocular

2. Positive

3. Friendly

4. Optimistic

5. Sane (Healthy :D)

Sweet, thanks for doing the interview and congrats.

So yeah, that was my interview with quince, keep making good, quality posts, and soon you’ll be interviewed.

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