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FIBA admits referees’ mistake in France – Lithuania game

FIBA admitted that the referees of France – Lithuania game made a mistake by not calling goaltending on Rudy Gobert who tried to push the ball off the rim after Jonas Valanciunas free-throw.

As the goaltending was not called with 31 seconds on the clock (the score was 76-75 in favour of France), Nando De Colo made a jumper to give the French a 3-point lead which the Lithuanians were unable to erase and were eliminated consequently.

After a video review FIBA decided to ban the three referees of the game from the rest of the FIBA World Cup games. The game was called by Antonio Conde (Spain), Daniel Garcia Nieves (Venezuela) and Leandro Lezcano (Argentina).

The full statement from FIBA:

“After a video review of the FIBA Basketball World Cup game between France and Lithuania played on Saturday September 7, FIBA has determined that during the last free-throw attempt by Lithuanian player #17 with 30.8 seconds remaining in the 4th Quarter, French player touched the rim while the ball was in contact with it.

The correct decision have been to call a basket interference and one point awarded for Lithuania. The officials of this game will not officiate any more games of the FIBA Basketball World Cup 2019.”

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