Germany stuns Serbia!

Fantastic and well deserved win for admirable Germany in a fantastic (probably the best of tournament, so far) game which was decided after two overtimes and a lot of drama!

As TalkBasket had indicated last night after Serbia’a win over Angola with 50 points difference, the game did not stand much analysing and we would be waiting for Serbia to face a really challenging team. And at the first one they met the Serbs failed miserably by losing to the young and determined team of Bauermann who has, once again, delivered the goods that none had expected.

From the beginning of the game both teams tried to use their big guys and Jaglad together Perovic did most of the scoring. Keeping the tempo as low as possible Germany stayed close to Serbia and with Greene and Hamann continuing their good performance from last night the Germans closed the first half leading 37-35.

Same scenario occurred in the second half as well as Germany took full advantage of the low score and the absences of Krstic and Teodosic kept their lead until the dying seconds when Rasic with an off-balance threepointer tied the game at 69-69. Germany miss their threepointer in the last attack and the game went to overtime.

No team could shake off the other and overtime ended with the score being 73-73 and five more minutes to play. In the second overtime Jagla took over and with a 6-0 run Germany led 79-73 and Serbia could only cut the difference down to one before the final whistle, 82-81.

Score by quarters: 14-17, 37-35, 56-54, 69-69, 73-73 (OT1), 82-81 (OT2)

Germany: Jagla 22 (9 rbs), Greene 15, Schaffartzik 14, McNaughton 12, Hamann 10, Harris 4, Pleiss 2 (2 blk), Benzing 2, Schwethelm 1, Ohlbrecht

Serbia: Perovic 20, Rasic 15 (5 ass), Tepic 14, Velickovic 11 (9 rbs), Macvan 9 (2 blk), Keselj 7, Markovic 3 (7 ass), Bjelica 2, Paunic, Savanovic

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