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Macijauskas dreaming to play in the National Team

After a one and a half year break from basketball, Arvydas Macijauskas is preparing for his return to the sport. The star guard has started to train personally and is dreaming about a chance to wear the colours of the National Team in the World Championships in Turkey.

“It was hard at first, I lacked company. Having in mind that I didn’t train for such a long time – everything’s fairly well as to yet. We’ll have to see how I’ll look later on. I have some hopes about the National Team,” the guard said.

Macijauskas will train with former Zalgiris and current Asseco Prokom physio Aleksandras Kosauskas in summer as he has done previously to regain his form.

The player doesn’t rule out the opportunity to make his return to Lietuvos Rytas next season, but makes it clear that he has to be wanted by the club.

“Yes, I do think about the summer. I don’t know if I have enough time as I need more time with a personal trainer. We’re set to start training with Aleksandras Kosauskas in the beginning of May, but I don’t know if that is enough to get fit,” Macijauskas told. “I’m doing everything step by step. I’m working out freely, as I’m not contracted with anyone. I’m doing it for myself and all my friends are playing, training and are just busy overall. I’m working as much as it is possible.”

“I’ve talked with Rimas Kurtinaitis a little, but my position was that I wasn’t in a hurry this year. The team had their own plans, so we closed the topic. It will be clear where the roads lead when the season ends in the summer – we’ll see how I look. A path to me getting a club job or the National Team is very long. I haven’t played for a long time and my form is pretty bad. A lot of work and effort has to be put in so I could wait for success in return. If everything’s all right, then we can think about it,” said Arvydas Macijauskas. “If no one wants me, I’m not going to battle my way through to the dressing room of some team. The team has its own garden and decides how to arrange things. I could join Lietuvos Rytas only if the club really wanted be, it’s not for me to approach them.”

The player has great will to return to the sport and misses basketball, but agrees that he isn’t getting younger.

“There’s a huge will to return and if it brings me to a good shape, I’ll then still have a long and hard journey back to professional sport, that requires a lot of effort, will and spirit. I’m hoping it’s all going to work out well,” Macijauskas said.

Source: LithuaniaBasketball.com

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