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Redeem Team Comeback?

Kobe Bryant, Dwight Howard and Lebron James have expressed interest in taking part at the 2012 Olympic Games in London, England, for the United States of America.

This comes after the USA squad won the World Championships in mid-September for the first time since 1994, winning all nine games by an average of 24.6 points.

Bryant, Howard and James were not apart of the gold-medal winning squad in Istanbul.

For Howard and James, they wanted the summer off. As for Bryant, he was just coming off knee surgery and wasn’t at full-fitness to travel with the team to Turkey.

Although you would expect World Championship MVP, Kevin Durant to be in coach, Mike Krzyzewski’s plans, with Bryant, Howard and James announcing their sudden willingness to play, where would that leave the players that played in Turkey?

Such players as, Derrick Rose, Stephen Curry and Lemar Odom, were instrumental in USA’s success in the summer, but will it be a case of one-and-done for the majority of the World Championship winning squad?

At this time, it’s a bit early to tell. But, with the Nike Hoops Summit in Portland, Oregon coming up in April – there might be some clues as to what Mike Krzyzewski will be planning.

John Hobbs for TalkBasket.net

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