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End of an era for Greece as Diamantidis retires (vid)

End of an era for the Greek National Team after captain Dimitris Diamantidis announced his retirement from international basketball following Greece’s loss against Spain earlier in the night.

Talking to the Greek state channel Diamantidis announced his sudden (not for his teammates) retirement with the following words:

“This was my last game for Greece NT. I thanked all my teammates. I had great moments with them over the years. It is very important for a player to play for his National Team. but every circle comes to an end and life goes on. The National Team is history for me. I repeat that I am delighted to have experienced all these great moments with the team and with all these teammates.” said Diamantidis on live TV, shocking the majority of the Greek fans.

“I don’t know what the rest of guys will do, but I told them in the locker rooms that this was my last game for the National Team. I thanked them for all the wonderful time we had together. Thanks God that we were lucky enough to bring a lot of success to Greece.” continued Diamantidis, and went on:

“I lived good and bad times with the team. We won a Eurobasket. You have no idea how much it meant for the players. We won the silver medal in a world Championship, beating USA. We lived great and intense moments. But we also suffered unlucky times. This team deserves much praise. Over the past years it has shown signs of a great team. What we must do now is to be there for the younger guys who have entered the team rotation and I’m sure can make it, as well.”

According to some Greek sources Diamantidis was partially motivated to retire from the National Team due to a clash with Spanoulis.

Enjoy one of the trademark moments of Olympian God of basketball Dimitris Diamantidis in Eurobasket 2005.


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