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Alex Tyus on leaving Maccabi Tel-Aviv: “They didn’t do enough to keep me going”

Alex Tyus Maccabi Tel-Aviv
Photo: EuroLeague Basketball

Alex Tyus joined UNICS Kazan a few days ago and explained his decision to leave Maccabi Tel-Aviv.

Here is what the American center told the Israeli website Walla:

“At the beginning of the season, around December, my agent contacted me and said that Maccabi has made a good offer to extend my contract. I was happy. I was sure we were pretty close and I would sign even before the season was over.

We told Maccabi that I wanted to finish my career here, but the season went on and on and they started to get away and play games.

Suddenly, they talked about a contract for one season and didn’t mention a number when the salary issue came up. They said they didn’t know what the rules will be in the league and they had to check about the money.

They knew all along what I wanted. I know Maccabi. When they want someone they know what to do do.

When I received the offer from Kazan, I turned to the management to give them an opportunity to improve the offer or at least match it. They simply congratulated me and said ‘You got a good deal’.

It’s their decision. They didn’t do enough to keep me going. They didn’t show that they cared.

I know how their heads work and when they arrive at negotiations, they think like it’s only business. There’s no emotion, so many players come and go and cant’ stay for long.”

Tyus has played twice for Maccabi (2013-2015, 2017-2019) and has won the EuroLeague title in 2014.

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