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Nikola Milutinov’s agent: “He has the right to demand to get paid on time”

Nikola Milutinov Olympiacos
Photo: EuroLeague Basketball

The agent of Nikola Milutinov, Giorgos Dimitropoulos, addressed the situation regarding the debt of Olympiacos to his client.

Here is what the Greek agent said in an official statement:

“Milutinov, as every person on earth, has the right to demand to get paid on time. The fact that in almost every Greek club, as well as a huge amount of clubs in Europe, including many EuroLeague, EuroCup, BCL, ACB, Italian/Turkish Russian etc. clubs, players have been remaining unpaid or are being paid late for years now and they don’t raise their voice enough, the fact that thousands of cases are brought in front of local courts or BAT, doesn’t mean that once someone demands to get paid what he is owed, is an irregularity.

Limiting a worldwide problem to one club is a joke!  That’s one of the reasons that we are hundreds of years away from the NBA.

Nikola has one more year contract with Olympiacos and it’s a club choice if he stays or not. If he stays, he will give his 100% as always for the club that trusted him years ago, when other clubs didn’t. Simple as that. What happens afterwards, as a free agent, is something that we cannot know today.”

A few days ago, Olympiacos turned down CSKA Moscow’s offer to acquire the Serbian center (around 1.5 million euros). Milutinov is under contract with the “Reds” until June 2020.

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