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Gold is the only aim for LeBron James

Cleveland Cavaliers finished their NBA season after losing to Boston Celtics 3-4 in Eastern Conference semi-final. The main star on the team, LeBron James can now focus on the Olympic games whre he will be representing United States. According to him, gold medals is the only aim for USA.

“We did a good job last summer to put USA basketball in the place it deserves,” LeBron James said when speaking about FIBA Americas championship last summer. United States took gold without too much trouble.

James sees many competitive teams in Olympic Games: “You see teams like Spain and Argentina, but the list grows because there are more powerful teams out there.”

“We are confident, we have a job and a task to achieve and that is to win the gold medal in Beijing,” he said.

In Group B USA will face World Champions Spain, China, Angola and two teams from Olympic Qualifying Tournament.

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