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Greek Cup Final postponed

Greek Cup Final between arch-rivals Olympiacos Piraeus and Panathinaikos Athens was postponed today.

The games was scheduled to be played next Sunday, March 6th in Hellenicon arena, as usual. But this year the Greek Sports Secretary decided that the game will be played in front of a crowd of 3000 elementary school children, to avoid possible trouble between the fans of the two teams, after everything that occurred during the football game between the two clubs recently.

Apparently the decision was taken too late and the Education Ministry was unable to organise the ticket handout to pupils and on top of that school teachers did not want to be responsible for the well being of the children in the arena.

So a meeting was called today between the two clubs, the Sports Secretary and Greek Basketball Federation. Greek Basketball Federation wanted the game to be played as usual, with a total of 1500 fans (the two clubs’ “Neandertals”) with the remaining 6000 seats left as buffer zone, but the Greek Sports Secretary ruled that possibility out insisting on school children attending the game.

Olympiacos proposed that the two clubs give tickets to their youth academies, but Panathinaikos rejected that possibility. After the involved parties failed to find a solution the game was postponed indefinitely as the involved parties will now look for a new date.

Olympiacos’ representatives spoke about a “scandalous decision”.

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