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Third time lucky

Cajasol won again at home (73-61), this time against GBC Basket, in a hard game that was over in the third quarter, thanks to Bullock and Urtasun. Only Lorbek did a good job scoring — points in a losing effort.


After two straight defeats against the same team in previous years, it was time for Cajasol to finally win against them. What’s more, this sweet moment the team is living in, after three wins in ACB and Eurocup, made this chance special. And they took advantage of it.

It was more difficult than expected, because Paul Davis and Tariq Kirksay, local stars, soon were in foul trouble. Same happened to Jimmy Baron and because of this local fans didn’t see many points in the first half, in a game dominated by defense.

But in the third quarter Cajasol stepped onto the court decided to run and score. And Bullock and Urtasun put their minds to it, successfully we must say. Satoranski played one of his best games this year and Cajasol managed to take a good advantage by 18 points. For the visiting team, only Domen Lorbek could score easily.

In the last quarter both teams were more interested in defending. Paul Davis improved his stats after a “ghost-game” where he only played 15 minutes. It’s amazing how this man can finish every game scoring more than 10 points even when he’s unnoticed. In the end, a last losing effort by GBC set the difference in 12 points.

73 – Cajasol (15+25+19+14): Kirksay (7), Satoransky (5), Bullock (17), Katelynas (11), Davis (12) -starting five- Popovic (2), Triguero (2), Cabanas (2), Urtasun (12), Sastre (0), Ivanov (3)

61 – Lagun Aro GBC (16+13+18+14): Salgado (4), Panko (14), Baron (3), Miralles (5), Doblas (6) -starting five- Uriz (2), Tskitishvili (12), Lasa (-), Kone (0), Sánchez (2), Lorbek (13)

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