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Jordi Bertomeu: “We don’t intend to create a closed tournament”

Jordi Bertomeu
Photo: EuroLeague Basketball

In an interview with the Spanish newspaper AS, EuroLeague CEO Jordi Bertomeu referred to the possibility of the creation of a closed league.

Here is what the experienced executive said:

On the creation of a closed league: “We don’t intend to create a closed tournament. We want every team able to play and win. We want to create a European pyramid system with promotions and relegations between the EuroLeague and the EuroCup, without fixed licenses.

It’s important for any business to limit the risks. We are here for the business and in order to grow we need stability, strong teams, medium-term investments and technological development.

That would be impossible with a bunch of new teams in the EuroLeague every year. We can keep a team that goes well, but we can’t start from scratch every season.”

On the conflict with FIBA and its schedule: “We don’t feel like the winners of the situation. When something goes wrong, it doesn’t make us happy. However, it seems like we are the only side that believes something is really wrong. FIBA believes the windows made a positive contribution.

Eight months of club competitions and then the National Teams in June and July, 45 days of vacation and then the start of the next season with 15 days of preseason and every player available.

We have studied when injuries occur in EuroLeague and 60% of the most severe ones happen in October and November after the national team tournaments.

FIBA has made some correct decisions like changing the schedule on big tournaments to not coincide with football tournaments and that’s why I think we can take more advantage of July.”

On the ACB: “ACB shouldn’t be a priority, but the young players that need a division to compete. For example, there are even fewer Spaniards in lower divisions. EuroLeague loses players every year that move to the NBA ahead of their time without completely maturing. We don’t give up, but continue working.”

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