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Halperin to sit out of Greek A1

ImageAlthough his name was not mentioned as a candidate, Yotam Halperin is the player who will sit out of the Greek A1 due to the number of foreign players limitation in place. Just a total of 6 non-Greek players can play for a club in Greece at any given time and Olympiacos has more than that.

Olympiacos currently has 8 foreign players and it was made known that one of the two who would not be registered to play would be Erceg and the candidates for the other one who would be cut were Vujcic, Von Wafer and Bevearly. But coach Giannakis decided to surprise everyone and cut the Israeli international Halperin.

It is worth noting that Olympiacos has the right to change foreign players both before and after the play-offs so Halperin has a chance to prove his worth to the coaching staff.

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